saving money using Amazon Prime

How I Save Money Using Amazon Prime

save money using amazon prime


In honor of Amazon Prime Day, I thought I would share some of the ways I use  Amazon Prime to save money. You can sign up below to get a free month of Amazon Prime and see if it is something that works for you. The regular membership rate is $99/year, which equates to $8.25 per month. If you have a .edu email address, you can sign up for a reduced student rate (which I did with my faculty email address). Even at $99, however, it would be a value for me.


Here’s what you get:

  • Free two-day shipping
  • Free Prime Instant Video (Amazon’s version of Netflix)
  • Free Prime Music (Amazon’s version of Pandora or Spotify)
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • Access to one free Kindle book per month through the Amazon lending library


I save money with Amazon Prime because I got to cancel Netflix and all of my music app subscriptions (other than Sirius for my car). I also save about $10 a month using that Kindle lending library. That alone exceeds the monthly cost of Prime.


More importantly, using Prime I am able to avoid a lot of extra money spent on gas and impulse buys when I have to leave the house and go to a store. Realistically, what would happen if I drove to Target to buy printer ink (which I need all the time during the school year)? I’d end up with the Target $100 PLUS my $20 ink and a Starbucks on the way out the door. With Amazon Prime, I get what I need shipped to my door in two days and get a great price. Plus, I don’t have to find time in my schedule to go to a store and don’t buy anything other than what I actually need. I also keep a lot of wish lists of items that I might like to purchase in the future for school or gifts. Because prices change pretty frequently on Amazon, I can go check my wish list (or set up an alert) to look for deals on those specific items. When the price goes down, I can go ahead and place my order (kind of like electronic stock trading haha).


Plus, Amazon loves its Prime Members so much that we get a special holiday once a year. Today you can grab deals like this:


Amazon Fire starting at $33.33! I got one a few weeks ago, and it’s great. You seriously can’t beat what you get for the price.



Click below to sign up (Amazon affiliate link):

Summer Reading: Had Me a Blast

saving money this summer
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Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, and for most of us that means life moves at a slower pace. The kids are home from school, the pools are open, and we get to take a summer vacation. Summer is not, however, a time to throw away all the great work you have done through the year getting your budget and spending in line. There are so many ways to spend too much money over the summer. So, this is going to be the first in a summer savings series where I talk to you about ways to enjoy your summer without drowning yourself in debt.

Today’s post is about one of my favorite summer pastimes – reading. I love reading, but I don’t get to enjoy it nearly enough during the school year. My family knows that when Christmas break and summer break come, my head will be buried in a book for hours on end. Reading is a great, inexpensive way to enjoy your free time this summer. Borrow a book from your local library or from a friend for free or find a used copy online. Reading can take you to an entirely new world, and you’ll find it even more enjoyable if you make it a special experience for yourself. For summer reading, grab your book and head out with a blanket to sit under a shade tree, sit next to the pool, or make yourself a special place in a chair or hammock in the backyard. Bring along a tall glass of iced tea or lemonade. Soak in some sun and fresh air. Enjoy the moment.

I started my summer reading list, and I thought I would share it with you in case you were looking for some ideas. Yes, I love books that teach me something, books that help me grow as a successful woman, and stories about young adult dystopian worlds and spies.


Know Your Value: Women, Money, and Getting What You’re Worth
   – Mia Bzezinski
I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This: Success Secrets Every Gutsy Girl Should Know
   – Kate White
   -Heather Sunseri
   -Maggie Sunseri
   -Lauren Oliver
Illegal Action
   -Stella Rimington

What’s on your summer reading list? Do you have any recommendations?