Games That Teach Money Management

games that teach money management

Teaching finance and money management skills does not have to be boring. Games are a great way to teach these skills to children of all ages while having fun. Kids will have fun playing the games and may not even realize they are learning valuable life lessons. There are some great board games that are good for a whole family or group of kids to play together as well as online games for individual play. **This post does contain Amazon Affiliate links.

Board Games

Cash Flow 101 was created for teenagers, but kids as young as six years old can play with a parent or teacher. Robert T. Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, created this game to teach kids about personal finance, investment, and money management. This game includes more advanced topics such as financial statements, understanding assets and liabilities, and personal accounting.

The Game of Life was created over 150 years ago and is available as a board game or video game. Kids as young as six years old can play the game with a parent or teacher, and it is fun for older kids as well. The Game of Life not only teaches kids about cash flow and money management but also career and family choices, education, borrowing money, and taxes.


Monopoly has been a family favorite board game for about 80 years. The game is best suited for players who are at least eight years old. Monopoly not only teaches money management and budgeting but also introduces kids to topics such as taxes, investment, and real estate development.

Payday is a classic board game that requires players to manage money over a monthly period. The game teaches the need for budgeting planned monthly expenses and emergency expenses out of a monthly paycheck. Payday also introduces the concept of loans and interest. It is best for players eight and older.

Online Games

Money Metropolis is a game presented by Visa’s Practical Money Skills program In this game players pick a savings goal and then need to go around their virtual town working to earn the money to reach their goal. They will be presented with other ways to spend their money and need to stay focused on their goal. This game is best suited for kids from age seven to twelve.

Road Trip to Savings is a game presented by Visa’s Practical Money Skills program. This game puts kids on a four week journey that requires budgeting expenses for their trip. Running out of money means you lose your car. This game is best for kids from seven to twelve years old.

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