Review: The Centsables Dash for Cash App

Note: I was not paid or compensated in any way for this review. The review was purely for educational and informational purposes.

Centsables Dash for Cash Review

I wanted to explore some financial education apps for kids as part of Financial Literacy Month. The Centsables Dash for Cash app is free on the App Store for your iPhone and iPad. Since I am not the target audience, I downloaded the app and let Luke (my son who turns 9 in two weeks) test it out and provide the information for this review.

Luke quickly figured out that the goal of the game was to catch the falling cash so that you exactly meet the dollar amount you are given at the top of the screen. Catching too much money causes you to lose points. The levels start out with coins that fall from the sky slowly. As you progress through the levels higher denominations bills start to fall from the sky in addition to coins. The money falls a little but faster with every level, and there are new obstacles that get in your way. Criminals want to steal your money, so you need to stay away from them. At one point I heard Luke muttering that the stupid criminal was a pain in the neck.

Centsable Dash for Cash Review

Rating: Luke rated this game 1.5 out of 2 thumbs up. He had fun playing the game and said it is definitely something he would play again. Luke recommends the game for kids around his age and said it is good to practice counting money.

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