13 Ways to Save on Summer Fun

13 ways to save on summer fun

So, school is out, and summer is officially here. If you are anything like me, summer tends to really ignite your sense of wanderlust.  Parents not used to having their kids at home all the time also start to get a little desperate looking for ways to keep the kids occupied. Don’t let these things break the bank. There are some really inexpensive ways to get out and have fun this summer.


  1. Check out your local library. Pick up some fun, free summer reading and see what activities they have planned for your kids.
  2. Visit your local park.
  3. Pack a picnic lunch and take the family on a day hike.
  4. Try geocaching around your town.
  5. Make popsicles in your favorite flavors.
  6. Rather than going out for ice cream, make your own ice cream or frozen yogurt bar at home.
  7. Help your kids create their own version of the Olympic Games (and get ready for the Olympic festivities in August while you do it).
  8. Practice your photography skills.
  9. Try something new. Have you been wanting to learn a new language, how to use some software, or how to cook a particular dish? Start learning this summer.
  10. Take a free online class.
  11. Plan a movie marathon with your friends or family.
  12. Instead of going out to a bar, create a new summer signature drink and invite your friends over to try it.
  13. Volunteer your time. Find some way to give back to your church, homeless shelter, food pantry, school, or pet shelter.


Do you have a fun, free (or nearly free) plan for the summer? For more ideas, click on over to my Summer Savings Roundup Pinterest board!

Six Summer Blockbuster Savings Tips


source: Salvatore Vuono at freedigitalphotos.net
Summer is the season for blockbuster Hollywood movies, and a trip to the movies is a great way to escape the rain or stifling heat on a summer day with the kids. Movie prices in major cities, however, are outrageously high. Consider a family of 4 or 5 and some extras, and the cost can easily exceed $100 for a family trip to the movies. I don’t think I am the only one who finds this ridiculous. Costs are a little less where we live, but it can still get expensive when we  go to the movies as a family. Summer is usually the only time we are not too busy to see a movie, but when we go I am still looking for ways to save. Here are some ideas for enjoying your summer movie experience without breaking the bank.


1. Go early. Late afternoon and night are the busiest times for the movie theater, so go earlier in the day. You get better seats, and most theaters offer discounted matinee tickets.


2. Don’t buy online. Sure, buying your tickets ahead of time online through Fandango or some other service is convenient. The service charges, however, can add up if you are buying several tickets. The money you save by purchasing tickets at the theater will pay for your popcorn.


3. Bring your own snacks. Check on the rules of the theater, but you may be able to bring in your own snacks and save money at the concession stand. Now, it they sell M&M’s and you bring your own M&M’s, this may not fly. If you bring your own trail mix or chips in a ziplock bag, however, they are less likely to say anything to you. So many people have dietary restrictions now that it is easier for the theater to just let it go. Like I said, unless you are bringing a giant bag of Sour Patch Kids.


4. Snack Economics. Pack individual brown bags for each of the kids, buy one giant tub of popcorn, and divide the popcorn among the kids. It’s a lot cheaper than buying 4 or 5 popcorn buckets. Also, ask about the policy on popcorn and drink refills. Some theaters will give you a free refill if you buy the large popcorn or drink.


5. Join a rewards program. Some theaters offer discounted tickets or snacks for rewards members. If the program is free, sign up right now! Our theater charges a small fee to join, and our visits are so seldom that it never seemed worthwhile. For movie buffs, however, it would definitely be worth the cost.


6. Check out summer movie specials. Most movie theaters have a special kids summer movie series that is a great deal. The movies are not new releases, but they are still great movies. Our local theater offers their summer movie series two mornings a week. Admission, a small box of popcorn, and a kids drink is just $3.50! They have been showing great movies too like The Lego Movie and Shrek! Go see what is available in your town!


What summer movies do you want to see? What have you seen this summer that you loved and would recommend? We’ve only managed to see Jurassic World, but it was excellent.

Pinterest Summer Savings Roundup


pinterest summer savings roundup


I’ve been pouring over Pinterest for the past week so that I could bring you this special summer savings roundup. Okay, I’d be spending all that time on Pinterest anyway, so I thought I might as well make that time productive. I’ll be adding more links over the next few weeks, so click on over to check it out and click the follow button so that you will get more great pins as I find them.


Your Finance Professor’s Pinterest Summer Savings Roundup