Three Tips for Avoiding the Black Friday Binge

I have to start out by admitting I am not a Black Friday shopper. ¬†There was one year that I went to Target to get a deal on a keyboard for my daughter, but on that day I vowed I would never do it again. ¬†I am the person who avoids stepping in Wal-mart because possible saving a dollar or too is simply not worth the drama. ¬†Now, if they suddenly start selling Kate Spade purses or Jimmy Choo shoes for $25 as a doorbuster, I am there. ¬†Until that day, I’m staying home.


One of the problems is that Black Friday shoppers are notorious for binge shopping.  You know, you go in there for the cute sweaters or the coffee pot and end up buying 10 DVDs, 12 blankets, 15 pairs of slippers, and a new tv.  You had to buy them.  Did you see that deal?  Well, suddenly all the money you were going to save on the sweaters and coffee pot are gone and then some.  You were a victim of the Black Friday Binge.  How can you avoid being a victim?

1. Do your homework before you walk into the store.  Know what the sales are and make a list of what you are getting.  Do not stray from what is on your list no matter how much you think you need to buy 2 crock pots because they are 50% off.

2. Make a budget for your shopping trip. ¬†Then bring only cash. ¬†You’ll be a lot more careful about what you are buying when you know you have a limited amount of money to spend. ¬†Don’t worry. ¬†You’ll have plenty of time to add it all up while you are in line and can re-think whether those cute furry boots fit into your budget.

3. Stay at home and celebrate Black Friday at home.  Cyber Monday extended back towards Black Friday, and this year those online sales have started even earlier.  You can get plenty of great deals while staying home in your pajamas and drinking hot chocolate.  Most online retailers are offering free shipping deals this weekend on top of special sales.  Plus, you are actually less likely to experience a binge from home because you have the time to see the total price and think before you confirm your order.  We are much more likely to go back and take something out of our shopping cart online than we are to change our mind at the cash register in front of a long line of other crazed customers.

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